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[…Excerpt from Daegu Boys…]


[…begin flashback…]

It happened the day that Tae and Jimin came of age. Tae and Seokjin tore themselves away from the party and made way towards Jin and Suga’s room.

Jin had yet to give him a gift, and he wanted it to be a special gift. “Tae… What would you like? A kiss? More flowers? Or cologne?” The elder asked with a serious expression on his face, as he sat down on his bed and patted a spot beside him for the younger.

Taehyung didn’t hesitate to sit next to Jin. “Well… It doesn’t matter I suppose… Are you letting me choose, hyungie?” A bit confused by the question, and wondering what the other was getting at. Tilting his head as he watched Jin and waited.

Jin chuckled softly. “Let me rephrase.” He paused and thought for a moment. “Which of those three choices would you prefer from /me/? Yes, you get to choose. So take a moment and choose wisely. You don’t get any do overs.” Words were a bit stern, but he couldn’t help but smile as he reached a hand out to gently caress the younger’s cheek. “Tell me Taehyung-ah… What would you like…” He whispered.

Tae didn’t have to think twice. “A kiss, hyungie. Hobi hyung stole my first.. but It wasn’t a /proper/ kiss.” He leaned into the others touch, eyes closing halfway and loving every moment of the current situation.

Then a kiss it shall be.” Jin agreed softly. He leaned down and pressed his lips lightly to Taehyung’s. Testing the waters a bit. After a brief moment, the elder started to move his lips against the others. Delighted when he heard a slight whimper from Tae, Jin nibbled the younger’s lips lightly.

[…end flashback…]