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[…Another K-Pop Inspired…]

caramel skin yet

white washing is the trend


its the “in” thing to do

like getting botox, or

even a nose or boob job


photos are easy to photoshop

makeup does an okay job covering up

any other time without spending

tons of money for procedures


ironic is it not?

we want to be tan like them

and they want to be white like us


also it is rare for them to be tall

yet there are a couple of maknaes

that didn’t seem to get that memo growing up

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[…Inspired by K-pop…]

seven boys with tan skin, almond shaped eyes, with one lid or two

each boy with a different personality, but all willing to please the fans

hair that constantly changes color, for the sake of the coming album concept

long hours in a dance studio, practicing perfect

vocal lessons to hone their voices, each of them plays a role in the family

dynamic they keep up for sanitys sake

they may be famous around the world, but they are still human and as such

are prone to mistakes like everyone else, because nothing in life is ever really perfect

working through illness, and possible injury only resting when they absolutely couldn’t

take it anymore

living out their dreams in front of dozens of cameras on a daily basis, always on the

lookout for fans and undesireables doing their best to keep away from prying

cameras and such off stage trying to keep some level of normalcy

to an already chaotic idol lifestyle