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[…Another K-Pop Inspired…]

caramel skin yet

white washing is the trend


its the “in” thing to do

like getting botox, or

even a nose or boob job


photos are easy to photoshop

makeup does an okay job covering up

any other time without spending

tons of money for procedures


ironic is it not?

we want to be tan like them

and they want to be white like us


also it is rare for them to be tall

yet there are a couple of maknaes

that didn’t seem to get that memo growing up

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muffled sounds as it

water was in your ears


eyes blinded by darkness

other senses kick in


putrid smells assault your nose

coming at you from all angles


slimy, and sticky walls

using hands to guide you

but all you want to do

is never touch the wall again


a maze, a labyrinth

a catacombs of halls

and forgotten paths


with bookcases filled with books

long since forgotten and untouched by hands in forever

covered with a thick layer of dust

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[…The Difference…]

i got up early one morning

and rushed right into the day

i had so much to accomplish

that i didn’t have time to pray

problems just tumbled about me

and heavier came each task

“why doesn’t god help me?” i wondered

he answered, “you didn’t ask.”

i wanted to see joy and beauty

but the day toiled on gray and bleak

i wondered why god didn’t show me

he said “but you didn’t seek”

i tried to come into god’s present

i used all my keys at the lock,

god gently and lovingly chided

“my child, you didn’t knock”

i woke up early this morning

and paused before entering the day

i had so much to accomplish

that i had to take time to pray

— Anon

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[…Inspired by K-pop…]

seven boys with tan skin, almond shaped eyes, with one lid or two

each boy with a different personality, but all willing to please the fans

hair that constantly changes color, for the sake of the coming album concept

long hours in a dance studio, practicing perfect

vocal lessons to hone their voices, each of them plays a role in the family

dynamic they keep up for sanitys sake

they may be famous around the world, but they are still human and as such

are prone to mistakes like everyone else, because nothing in life is ever really perfect

working through illness, and possible injury only resting when they absolutely couldn’t

take it anymore

living out their dreams in front of dozens of cameras on a daily basis, always on the

lookout for fans and undesireables doing their best to keep away from prying

cameras and such off stage trying to keep some level of normalcy

to an already chaotic idol lifestyle

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[…Chains of a Vampire…]

abound by night, confined by daylight

fangs sharp, and lives that are eternally long


shrouded by myth, only a few facts known

facts that often get distorted and discarded

oh so easily


do they drink blood? do they bathe in it?

would they be able to survive on blood from a blood bank?


chains of eternity, chains of blood

victims of every kind litter the path around them

chains of fantasy, chains of forever blood bonds


thy name is vampire.

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[…nature: road trip(all around me)…]

sky so blue, clouds that look like sweet

edible, white fluff bright green trees despite

the dreadful heatwave from the lowest being 80’s

to the upwards of three digits…


eighteen wheelers with various company names,

all either hauling a load or heading to pick one up


multiple pick up trucks, colors & sizes from full size to short bed

all makes and models too


the radio spewing out tunage that both my mom

and i like yet i put in my ear phones to listen to k-pop

on my iPod


lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds all seeming serene

in the late afternoon light, filled with fish, rocks & various

trash that has been thrown into their depths over countless years